Posted on April 12th, 2009

CMA Sunday morning serviceIt is my joy to write this CMA news letter. This Sunday, we celebrated the most glorious event in all of history. Because He lives, we who know Him shall live also. In the resurrection, Jesus Christ conquered sin and death; He is alive forever.

There is none other like Christ
He had no servants yet they called Him Master
No degree yet they called Him Teacher
No medicine yet they called Him Healer
No army yet He is Conqueror
He won no military battles yet He is victorious over the world
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him
He was buried in the tomb yet He lives today!”

We thank God for His faithfulness that from the beginning of this year till today although the financial crisis of the world He is faithful to provide the every needs of us by His providence (Phil.4:19) as He supplied for Elijah by crow. We are ever grateful to those who are our mentors, teachers, advisors, prayer partners, supporters, co-workers and well wishers.

There were many events during these three months in our mission. You can find them in the Easter Letter