Posted on September 7th, 2010

Thank God for His guidance and providence to help us pass through the months of May-August with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I am happy to give you a brief report on what the Lord has done within this time.  Although we are having a great financial crisis but still we “Rejoice in the Lord… He is our Strength.”
Habakkuk 3:17-18

Kolkata Love Reformed Presbyterian Church:
By His grace the Church service is going on every Sunday with all the activities. During this time, Rev. Dr. Jong Tae Woo, Rev. Jang Jung Whan from Liberty University, Rev. Jacob Atchley from the Martinsburg Church, Rev. Kim from Shin Banpo, Rev. Henk Reitsema from l’Abri and Rev. Karel Smouter from Netherland Reformed Church were our visiting speakers in our Church.

India Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary:
The third term of 2009-2010 academic years ended after examination from 26th-30th April 2010. Then the students and the believers guided by the CMA pastors went for summer outreach for one month in two (Joshua & Caleb) teams from 30th April to 4th June. The 1st term Of IRPTS re-opened on 8th June 2010 with a day of fasting and prayer.
Summer Outreach Team:
This year 2 outreach team left for a month. One in Hill team (Joshua) and another Land team (Caleb).

Free Mobile Medical Clinic by boat:
Medical teams were sent to Sunderban Islands 4 times this summer, (Dr. Sushil Ghosh, Dr. Pallash Pallab Mondal, Kuntal Chakravorty, Namita Majumder and Supriyo Mondal). These doctors treated more than 1200 patients during the trip.