Posted on April 15th, 2017

Dr. Prit Pal Sing at Jotishpur Church

We thank God that He has revealed to us through His creation and through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who incarnate into flesh (Jn. 1:14), lived among us, died for us on the cross & conquered the death through resurrection and as we believe in Him we received the Eternal life. We have Hope & Trust to conquer to live with Him eternally, those who are with Him chosen, called and faithful (Rev 17:14). Our Lord is Risen! We have hoped that we will too!
I am happy to give you a brief report from January to March 2017 of our mission activities.
First of all we do like to give our hearty thanks to all those who have continuously prayed, advice & mentor us for past 30 years or more to built us and Christ Mission Ashram.
May God bless you, your children and children’s children forever (Isa. 59:21).


Posted on December 24th, 2016


Posted on May 15th, 2016

housededicationWe are grateful to our living God for His guidance and providence as we passed 2015 and entered the 2016 with a watch-night service and New Year’s carols. And on the first Sunday of 2016 the theme of worship was “Do you always set the Lord before you? (Psalm 16:8a).

On February 1st we started a one-month Early Morning Fasting Prayer for the completion of Kolkata Mission Center by 2nd March 2017 which would be on CMA & Kolkata Love Presbyterian Church’s 30th Anniversary. We thank God that the work has been resumed and is in progress; please pray that the Lord may provide the necessary funds for its completion.

Pray for the upcoming construction work of Nishindra & Parul Presbyterian Church.

Pray that coming summer outreach team for a month many may join and the Lord may provide all the Books, Bible, Tracts and CD etc and a grand harvest.


Posted on December 25th, 2015

Christmas Letter 2015

It is our joy to write you this Christmas News Letter highlighting 2015, in this joyful season we wish you and your family a meaningful Christmas and a joyful New Year 2016.


Posted on September 21st, 2015

footballIt is my joy to write this “Independence day CMA newsletter” for the month of May-August, 2015.
We thank God that this year we could celebrate our 69th Independence Day Celebration at our Canning Christ Mission Ashram campus with the Flag hosting and a “Foot Ball Tournament” between
Our CMA Team and Seoul Dream Church Team. This year our team was winner and SDC team become Runners.
After the football game we had a fellowship Lunch then the Doctors team treated more than 125 patients from the surroundings with free medicines at Good Samaritan Hospital.. A children team of Seoul Dream Church also played with hundreds of Children of our Idea Mission School & surroundings villages, also received gifts from them. The Living Lord has blessed us with Many blessings during this period. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on December 24th, 2014

IMG_7193We would like to share with you our joy in 2014 by writing this Christmas News Letter. In this joyful season we wish you & your family a meaningful Christmas and a joyful New Year 2015.


Posted on October 18th, 2014

기도편지68회 독립기념일에 여러분들에게 이 곳 소식을 젂하게 되어 기쁩니다. 저는 여러분에게 우리의 영광스럮 하나님과 구원자이싞 예수 그리스도 이름으로 여러분께 소식을 젂합니다. 27년 동안 헌싞적인 목회를 수행핛 수 있도록 여러분들의 끊임없는 기도와 멘토링에 대해 감사함을 느낍니다. 하나님의 인도하심과 섭리의 따라 진행되었던 2014년 4월 부터 8월 동안 있었던 사역에 대핚 소식을 여러분들께 젂해드리겠습니다.”

월 13~21일 동안 서울 드림 교회에서 1차 미션트립을 왔습니다. 이 팀은 5명의 의사와 1명의 간호사 그리고 VBS팀과 아웃리치팀으로
총 21명이 참여하였습니다. 그들은 콜카타 사랑의 교회와 canning에 있는 선핚사마리아 병원 그리고 Sunder ban에 있는Satjelia섬과
Calcutta Slums지역에서 의료선교와 여름성경학교를 하였습니다. 이 기간 동안 그들은 500명의 홖자를 치료하였습니다. 하나님께서 우리에게 병원을 시작핛수 있도록 의료장비와 의사, 스텝 그리고 정부 면허증과 재정을 위해 기도 부탁드립니다.

Posted on April 20th, 2014

PalmEasterBy the providence of God we (the CMA family) have entered the New Year 2014 on the wings of an Eagle as the Lord carried the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan (Exodus 19:4).

Jesus Christ, Son of Living God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords died for our sins on the cross, was buried and resurrected from dead and appeared to many for 40 days and went to heaven to prepare a place for us which He wants to give anyone who believes in Him as a gift only by His grace.

“And if Christ has not been raised your faith is futile” (I Corinthians 15:17). Whoever believes this resurrected Jesus shall not perish but have Eternal Life (John 3:16). Do you have this Eternal Life? If you have the assurance of Eternal life then you must proclaim (be a witness) this resurrected Christ to the unreached (Matthew 28:19-20).

Christ Mission Ashram and all its believers are determined to proclaim this Jesus to the remaining 2600 unreached people groups out of total 4635.

Posted on December 28th, 2013

CMA Christmas Newsletter 2013It is my Joy to write to you this news letter on the occasion of Christmas 2013. In this joyful season I greet you all in the name of our glorified Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I want to thank you all for faithfully praying, guiding and mentoring the ministry of Christ Mission Ashram for the past 26 years. We are delighted to inform you of our activities by God’s guidance and providence.

Posted on October 24th, 2013

skin_specialist하나님의 은혜로 Christ Mission Ashram(CMA)가 날마다 성장을 거듭하고 있습니다. 저희 부부는
2012년 7월 5일부터 한국과 미국에서 가졌던 1년 여의 안식년을 마치고 6월 15일에 인도로
돌아왔습니다. 저희는 특별한 선교활동 차, 1월 13일부터 3월 11일까지 콜카타에 있었습니다. Kolkata
Love Presbyterian Church 성도들과 Kolkata Mission Center 와 KLPC 건립을 위해 릴레이 금식기도를