Posted on December 31st, 2008

If God has laid it upon your heart to support the work of Christ Mission Ashram, we offer the following opportunities.

Come over and help

In this video (9 minutes) Rev. Sukrit Roy challenges christians from the United States to come and join the spreading of the gospel among those who never knew Christ.

Lydia Mission House

Lydia Missian HouseWe invite Christians from many countries to help us to achieve our mission to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of West Bengal. We consider it a blessing that both theological professors and youth groups visit us. They can help in many ways: in education, music and singing in evangelism, technical knowledge, clinical skills and much more. We really believe that for young people it is very important to experience mission and to take part of it. Of course the journey will cost money, but that is a good investment as young people get a lifelong vision for mission. And for us it is a great encouragement.

We are grateful that we can provide such helpers a home in the Lydia Mission House. As Lydia opened her house for the apostles and evangelists, so we welcome you all who like to help in the work of the gospel. Please contact us to know more.