Posted on February 26th, 2009

Moipith Health Centre to be inauguratedCMA has a long tradition in the promotion of health for residents of the Sunderban Islands. These islands in the bay of the Ganges are a unique eco-system. At the same time, the inhabitants are very poor and deprived of many facilities. On most islands you will find no gas, water or electricity. Often, the farmers can provide their own food, but medical care is practically inaccessible. Regularly CMA teams go with one of our two boats to the islands, accompanied by a doctor, an optician and a pharmacist. 

We are particularly grateful that, by the help of “Palm en Ceder” from the Netherlands, five clinics could be built where our health care gets a permanent place. This week four of the five clinics on the islands were inaugurated by Rev. Willem Smouter from the Dutch church in Breukelen.
Hospital being builtWith the increasing number of consultations we feel the need for a hospital where the doctors can refer to when necessary. The hospital is being built right now in the area of our Seminary. For the equipment and daily practice however, we still need partners. Please pray for those with a vision for medical care for the needy.