Posted on April 1st, 2013

daughter churchIt is my joy to write this Mission letter for 2013. By the providence of God after the celebration of 25th Anniversary of Christ Mission Ashram on 28th Feb to 4th March 2012, we had wonderful opportunity to have our one year sabbatical leave from 2nd July 2012 to the End of June 2013. We were in Seoul Korea for one and half month.

God has given us an opportunity to visit India to participate Holy City Kolkata Convention which was held on 23rd-25th January 2013 where the main speaker was Rev.Dr. Chung Phil Do (Founder pastor of Suyoung Ro Presbyterian Church, Korea).
God has blessed Kolkata Pastors & Leaders in three days seminar where Dr. Chung shared the secret of how the living God blessed him to build his church with the congregation of 40 thousands & the Lord turn the city Busan to be holy.
He gave a challenge in the mega city of Kolkata (17 million populations) to have more than ten churches which might have a congregation of more than 10 thousand.
The living Lord gave a vision to Kolkata Love Church to be one of them. Please pray with us to do so.