Posted on September 27th, 2013

skin_specialistThank God that by his grace the work of Christ Mission Ashram is progressing day by day. As for my family, my wife and I have returned back to India on 15th June after a year of sabbatical leave in Korea and USA from 5th July 2012 onwards. We were in Kolkata for two months (13th January to 11th March) for particular mission work. Especially a month chain fasting prayer with Kolkata Love Presbyterian Church believers for the construction work of Kolkata Mission Center & KLPC.

Presently a Skin Specialist Doctor Kang Won Tae has come from Korea and gave medical service to Kolkata Slum areas and all CMA daughter churches surrounding Kolkata with free Mobile Clinic services for 40 days with a medical team of four people. He has given treatment in forty days, more than 3554 patient benefited.