Posted on September 5th, 2018

We thank God for His guidance and protection this past April to August. We have experienced many ups and downs in our Mission. We praise God for all of the new souls that have been added to our Mission. We miss, the late, Mrs. Gita Dutta who was with us since 2009. She went to the Father’s house on 11 th May, 2018 as well as our ordained deacon, the late, Mr. Asis Kumar Sarkar’s(31 st Aug.1947-26 th Aug.2018). We held his burial at Bhowanipore Cemetery on 27 th August, 2018.

We thank God that He has given us the mysteries of His truth and that He had chosen us, before the creation of the world, (Ephesians 1:4) to be holy and live with Him eternally in heaven. He called us and justified us through faith in Him and gave us a hope to be glorified with Him at His second coming (Romans 8:30). I am happy to give you a brief report from April to August 2018  of our mission’s activities.